Introduction / presentation :

This confidential questionnaire makes up a source document with the objective of:
- better understanding your firm/organization as well as your objectives on the markets of robotics, biotechnology and nanotechnology in Japan
- bringing personalized answers to your problems of establishment or partnership in Japan (for future projects in short, medium and long term)
- defining the action to be taken with a solid support of the City of Osaka

1) Are you part of an organization, cluster, association of businesses or researchers in your domain of activity? 

If yes, which these were :
Organization Cluster Business association Association of researchers

2) Have you already visited Japan or Osaka city? 

If yes, which city? :
Tokyo Osaka

If yes, on which occasion? :
Holiday Business Participation in an event

Your area of activity

1) Do you work / study currently in the domain of robotics / in all other sectors linked to robotics
(nanotechnology, cognitive sciences, information technology)?

If yes, which these? :
Robotics Nanotechnology Cognitive sciences
Information technology Biotechnology
Other sectors

2) What are your products, know-how or principal activities? :

3) What are the products, know-how or supplementary activities that you would look for? :

4) Have you already exported your products, your knowledge to do, etc in the world? :

If yes, which country/city? :

Japanese Market

1) Are you interested in information on the Japanese market ?:

If yes, which type of information? ? :
Technology tendencies Application Technical information
Market information (size / shares in the market / studies)

2) Have you already developed an activity in Japan or a partnership with Japanese businesses?  ?

If yes, in which area? :
Robotics Nanotechnology Cognitive sciences
Information technology Biotechnology

If yes, in which city? :

If yes, with which corporation, university, etc…

If yes, are you satisfied with your Japanese experience? 

If not (you are not satisfied), please state the reasons :
No satisfactory result
Collaboration difficult (relational and/or sociocultural)
Business practices too different No support from the city or region

City of Osaka

If you already have a project to develop or establish, the City of Osaka can help you free of charge
and offers all full range of personalized services such as: finding partners (commercial, financial and technical),
housing, subsidies, market information etc... 

1) Do you have projects to establish in Japan, particularly in Osaka? 

If yes, of which type :
Subsidiary Distribution agency Commercial agents
Partnership with a local corporation License agreement

Collaborative research

2) Do you wish to meet the City of Osaka, to obtain more information on their services
and assistance for foreign corporations? 

3) If the City of Osaka organizes a seminar on new-generation robots, would you like to participate? 

4) Your questions etc.. on the City of Osaka

Your and your organization’s profile :

Corporation/organization :
Contact (first name, last name):
Job :
E-mail :
Tel :

If you work for a company :

Capital :
Foundation year :
Number of employees :
Sales :

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. 

* No use of your e-mail will be made other than sending results of the study, a request for supplementary information or an invitation to participate in a work meeting on new-generation robotics.